NetDocuments and Summer Adventures

On Monday we leave for Tel Aviv (that’s in Israel) for the month of August.  And just last week I returned from 2 days of NetDocuments certification training in Provo, Utah.  I had intended to do a detailed writeup of the class; and even intended to study for my certification exam.  However, I am too busy.  No sooner did I leave the training than 3 opportunities landed on my lap (Cloud-based law firms and law departments) that were crying out for NetDocuments.

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Summer Musings

Yes … Summer has arrived.  Summer is at once the slowest time and the busiest time.  Many people leave on vacation.  Staff counts in most law firms are reduced.  The 6-day workweek becomes 4-days.  Friday is often a “write-off”.  For us, we take the month of August and travel.  We exchange our house outside of New York City for a similar home in a foreign country.  This year, we are off to Tel Aviv.

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