About the Basha Systems Blog

With so much technology available to law firms, its difficult to keep up.  Its even more difficult to find consultants who are conversant with a wide variety of the options available and therefore, able to provide real advice to a law firm, legal department or small business as to what will suit them best.

The Basha Blog is Seth Rowland’s place to publish posts on the wide variety of legal technology available – from keyboards to cloud based options for virtual law firms.  It also contains a  lot of random observations and quirky posts, as befits Seth’s nature.

About Seth Rowland

Seth Rowland holds a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was an editor of the U. Penn. Law Review and the Comparative Labor Law Journal, and a B.A. from Dartmouth College.  He was a Federal Appellate Court Clerk (11th Circuit).  These days, Seth is one of the leading consultants in the realms of document assembly, practice management and all other things related to the improvement of law firm efficiency.

From desktop platforms to cloud based application roll outs, Seth specializes in HotDocs, ContractExpress, XpressDox, Exari, GhostFill, Time Matters, Amicus Attorney, Credenza, Salesforce.com and AdvologixPM.

About Basha Systems LLC

Basha Systems LLC is a consulting firm based in New York, offering a full suite of services and support, related to legal technology, legal website design and integration between various products commonly in use.  Please visit http://bashasys.com for more information.  Basha Systems LLC is also affiliated with 3545 Consulting, a national consultancy with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and consultants all across the United States.