Surviving the Cold Snap

There are times when it gets REALLY  cold.  Today was one such day.  It seems as if my office overlooking a frozen lake was like the place on left.  The funny thing is that while humans don’t like the cold, computers do, so long as  they are not in a moist environment.  The “cool air” is far preferable to the amount of heat generated by CPU processors, graphic processors, and memory cards.

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Live from my iPad

I finally broke down and got an iPad, a Johnny come lately. I prefer to be just behind the cutting edge, particularly when the item costs over $500. It was CloudForce New York that finally pushed me, or rather my partner, over the edge. For now, I am loading up on apps. My iPhone is filled with games which, for now, are banished from the iPad.

And so, I will add to the plethora of posts. This is not fan-mail, but rather a thoughtful inquiry into the use of this device.

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Yes … Keyboards …. Steve Job’s Influence

For the past 2 years I have used a Logitech DiNovo Edge wireless keyboard and mouse (Click here for info)It came with a charge stand, was super slim and light.  Moreover, with I combined it with Multiplicity software, I could easily control multiple PC’s, just moving the keyboard to the PC.  Yesterday, the battery died and I cried.  No time on the charger would resuscitate it. There was no place to replace the battery (it was sealed) While I will be filing a complaint; I needed a new keyboard immediately And so my adventures in keyboard land began. 

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