Summer Musings

Yes … Summer has arrived.  Summer is at once the slowest time and the busiest time.  Many people leave on vacation.  Staff counts in most law firms are reduced.  The 6-day workweek becomes 4-days.  Friday is often a “write-off”.  For us, we take the month of August and travel.  We exchange our house outside of New York City for a similar home in a foreign country.  This year, we are off to Tel Aviv.

And yet, summer is also one of our busiest times.  Summer is the time that people step back and assess their business, review their business plan, and evaluate their office procedures and infrastructure.

It is also the time that attorneys come up with long-term projects (or dust off old projects). And so, as specialists in document assembly and practice management we spend June and July fielding calls from law firms for these projects.  It is all refreshing.  We all need a bit of summer.

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