NetDocuments and Summer Adventures

On Monday we leave for Tel Aviv (that’s in Israel) for the month of August.  And just last week I returned from 2 days of NetDocuments certification training in Provo, Utah.  I had intended to do a detailed writeup of the class; and even intended to study for my certification exam.  However, I am too busy.  No sooner did I leave the training than 3 opportunities landed on my lap (Cloud-based law firms and law departments) that were crying out for NetDocuments.

The reason is simple.  NetDocuments does everything you would expect from an Enterprise-DMS (document management system), only it sits in “The Cloud” … and it’s better!  It has solid implementation tools and solid migration tools.  And it is chock full of functions that once you use them, you will never turn back.

And, with its API, it integrates well with other Cloud-based solutions.   With the new interface coming out in September, NetDocuments is easier, more feature-rich and more elegant.  I would like to give more details, but I have a migration from ProLaw DMS to NetDocuments to complete.  Perhaps, more later.

As for our HomeExchange to Tel Aviv, Basha Systems will have reduced hours during the month of August.  With Skype for outgoing calls and 8× for incoming calls, we will still be able to reach our clients and customers.  And with documents hosted on NetDocuments and DropBox, we will continue to work virtually.  But be patient; this is supposed to be a vacation.  Have a great rest of the Summer.