The Problem with Thumper

It’s early summer.  The garden has been planted.  The young “bean sprouts” and “pea sprouts” are pushing up out of the fertile soil.  In a few short weeks we will have fresh pea pods to pop.  Our organic garden launched; free of pesticides.  And then along comes “thumper”.  Such a cute little bunny rabbit.  And those little sprouts ever so tasty.  One morning, we see the rabbits jumping about and a few dozen bean and pea seedlings climbing the walls to reach the sun.  And then, they are ALL GONE.  The culprit is Thumper (at left, no my photo).  So tasty, so succulent.  So gone.  And now, we are set back several weeks, perhaps, never to recover.  In the virtual world, I would likely accellerate the growth by buying “virtual currency”.  But here, I am stuck with the realities of fast approaching summer.  New seeds went into the ground; will it be a repeat.  Am I feeding the wildlife.  Welcome to life in suburbia.

The Unimportance of Being Ernest

As part of the high school curriculum, my son chose to read the Oscar Wilde play, the “Importance of Being Ernest”.  To assist in his analysis, we saw the movie version (pictured above), and went to the Broadway version done at the Roundabout Theatre.  Aside from the innumerable puns, it is the central pun of the play that strikes me.  It is the importance of “being earnest” … as opposed to “Being Ernest”.

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New Life for Time Matters – GuestOffice

We recently upgraded our suite of Powerviews (Basha OMS and EPMS) to Time Matters 11.  Along the way we have done several implementations of Time Matters mobility service.  For the price (included with the AMP), it did supply some useful features, but the navigation and scope of data in it left much to be desired.

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XpressDox Server and Salesforce – Bringing Docussembly to the Cloud

Yesterday, I had a long meeting with the developer of XpressDox to review recent additions to XpressDox document assembly platform.   In this meeting, we reviewed recent developments to XpressDox’s hosted web-server offering ($29/month) and additions to its desktop development platform.

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