The Cost of Viruses … and the Punishment

Another day, another hack.  One of our computers got hit by the PC Security malware.  Kaspersky to the rescue.  The latest bug got Sunbelt VIPRE Enterprise and disabled it, wiped out the Restore Points and disabled safe mode.

Kaspersky turned up over 30 threats on the PC.  A few reboots and several hours of scans later, the computer is now running slow as molasses.  We are taking the time to install all the Microsoft Updates for Windows 7 … I thought Windows 7 was more secure, hah.  All fun in a day.

So what is the COST of drive-by attacks from Website.  And what should be the punishment.  It is certainly a drag on productivity.  Even if no data is lost, removing the buggers is a pain and takes time.  And these “viruses” unleashed into the wild; maybe we can infect the source and give them a taste.