New Life for Time Matters – GuestOffice

We recently upgraded our suite of Powerviews (Basha OMS and EPMS) to Time Matters 11.  Along the way we have done several implementations of Time Matters mobility service.  For the price (included with the AMP), it did supply some useful features, but the navigation and scope of data in it left much to be desired.

We then took a fresh look at MobileTM from DataEquity.  This solid tool has unlimited flexibility.  With it’s new release it has added graphical panache.  For it’s power, its price is very modest.  Once setup, it keeps working.

However, recent events, have attorneys looking for “portals”, which got me looking to GuestOffice.  The goal is to include the client in the picture with a wealth of information.  Guest Office is configurable in terms of data and security, and takes advantage of the power in PowerViews to view the data in an appealing fashion. At $3500 a case needs to be made for GuestOffice.  However, that fee may be the cost of satisfying a major client and securing  a large book of business.  It also may be distinguishing factor for law firms working with high-networth individuals. If you already have Time Matters and are looking to make it more powerful, it is something to consider.

What is currently missing, however, from the Time Matters offerings is an easy intake portal.  We can build an intake form (see that feeds a HotDocs answer file, we still need an easy process to feed a Time Matters database.