Why do my autoentry forms include the wrong task links

Auto entry forms are a hybrid between chains and notes. They allow you to structure your tasks and events, much like a chain. And they also allow you to take notes on your tasks. However, if you convert an outline to an Auto entry form, the tasks associated with the underlying record (not the new record) are link to the outline topics.  It is simple to save an outline as an auto entry form. However, before you do that you should make a copy of the form and then remove the links to any associated records.

  • Make a copy of the outline
  • Remove all links to client and matter
  • Make a generic version of the description
  • Right-click on any outline elements that are linked to a task or event records and disassociate the link
  • Standardize and clean up the language
  • Click on the Save As Auto entry Form

You are now ready to go.