Time Matters 11 – HotDocs Active Integration (Bug Fix)

For 15 years I have been working with HotDocs and Time Matters, working to ensure the smooth data-flow between those 2 programs.  We have used several methods, including (1) template registration and field mapping, (2) active integration (lookup from HotDocs), and (3) SQL database integration.

But realize our surprise on a recent Time Matters 11 upgrade to a long-time client when the Active Integration ceased to work.  Rather than getting a Contact list or Matter list when we ran our HotDocs interview, we got a picklist, with NO DATA.  Quelle disaster!!

But, luckilly, there is an easy solution.  The issue has to do with a failure in TM11 to properly register Time Matters application in the section of the registry for HotDocs.  You have the choice of MANUALLY editing the registry.  Or, you can save the text below to a TEXT file in NotePad.  Call it “TM11-HotDocs10 Registrity Fix.reg”.  And then execute it on all workstation.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
     "Time Matters - Contact"="c:\Program Files\LexisNexis\Time Matters 11\TMHDASC7.DLL"
     "Time Matters - Matter"="c:\Program Files\LexisNexis\Time Matters 11\TMHDASA7.DLL"

Disaster averted.  There are of course other issues that come with the upgrade.  But this one will make your life much easier.

BTW … Welcome to my new blog.  Basha Systems LLC has moved their blog from ExpressionEngine to WordPress.  We have also consolidated all our Tips Blogs (for HotDocs, GhostFill and Time Matters) into the main blog.  However, for those looking for tips, you can still use a menu item or subscribe to just a category.  Cheers, Seth.