Time Matters/LNTPA Installer Error – InfoEnt.msi – On Open of Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer

I don’t normally post installer bugs, but this is one that crops up from time to time and is difficult to swat down.  And so, for my purposes and anyone who works with Time Matters or LNTPA, here is the solution.  This bug happens because the Time Matters installer as well as the update utility makes registry changes that require a reboot.

When that reboot doesn’t happen, certain items required by Time Matters, as well as the Time Matters integration with internet explorer and windows explorer, don’t get set.  You get an error on opening IE or Windows Explorer that starts running the Time Matters / LNTPA installer. It keeps happening.  If you let the installer runs, it ends by asked for the location of the file INFOENT.MSI … which incidentally is nowhere to be found.  Read on for the EASY solution.

  •  In Time Matters 10, go to the TMW10Setup folder and run setup.exe.
  • Wait till it finishes extracting the MSI file clicking through a few screens, but DO NOT complete the setup
  • It will place a file called INFOENT into a newly created TEMP folder under the user’s personal profile
  • In WindowsXP, go to C:Documents & Settings[UserName]LocalSettingsTemp[HexCodeFolder CREATED TODAY]
  • In the temp folder look for a new folder with a GUID/HEX code name that was created the day of the installation.
  • When you find INFOENT.MSI copy the file to the TMW10Setup folder
  • Now cancel the installation.
  • THEN, open IE or Windows Explorer and wait for the error to happen.  Wait until it ASKS you where InfoEnt.MSI is found.
  • Click on the folder lookup and point it to TMW10Setup folder
  • Then click OK.
  • Problem goes away.

It would be nice if this were just fixed.  But, here is how you get around the problem.