Convert Time Matters Date to a HotDocs Date

Dates in Time Matters display as Dates on the Matter form. But, they are actually stored as Numbers. When you bring them into HotDocs via the Database Connection or Active Integration, you get a number, and not a date. This solution is courtesy of Bart Earle.  Dates are stored as the number of Days from December 28, 1800. The solution is to create a computation that takes that number and converts it into a date that can be used and formatted by HotDocs.

Create a compuation variable such as Convert Date CO. The formula gets the number of days from December 28, 1800 and subtracts that from the number from the TM database.

TODAY + (TMBaseDateNU – (DAYS FROM (DATE OF(28,12,1800),TODAY))) DAYS

The result will be negative if TMBaseDateNU references a date in the past. It then adds that result to TODAY, in effect counting backward or forward from TODAY to figure out the date.