The Virtual Lawyer – LinkedIn Group

A few days ago I decided to check out the new enhanced Group Management tools at LinkedIn.  A year ago, I put up my CV on LinkedIn.  Over time, I have dutifully built my network, making occasional invites, and accepting other invites. I set up a group for HotDocs Wizards —LinkedIn Group: HotDocs Wizards about a month or two ago.  Out of the blue, we actually got two job postings.  Just a few days ago, I started up The Virtual Lawyer—LinkedIn Group: The Virtual Lawyer and this time I was able to see the potential of LinkedIn.

In starting the group, I extended invitations to all MyConnections.  I then asked the members of the group to invite their connections.  In a short time we had over 40 members.  Then, to keep it interested, I tried posting some discussion topics.  Since my network tends to be of fairly vocal individuals with a range of legal and technical experience, we quickly got a lively discussion.  In time, I hope that discussion will lead to some useful information for the participants, as well as further the reach of each of the group members.  Since The Virtual Lawyer group is committed to breaking down walls between individuals, my hope is such group will foster new connections and new resources for all the participants.

I may, on occasion cross-post some of the discussion here on this blog.  More likely, I invite you to join linkedIn and to join ONE or BOTH of the Groups.