Random Rant On Bottled Soda

It is with excitement that I entered my local A&P just as the sun was setting on the last day of Passover.  At last, I could put the passover rules behind me and reach for the Corn-chips and corn-syrup based soda.

And what do you know, my local A&P had a sale.  2 two-litre Bottles of Coke for $3.  Come to think of that, Coke is now cheaper than a gallon of gasoline in New York state.  And so I pony up my $3.  As I open the soda I look for that satisfying FIZZ.  And I hear it.

With excitement, I pour it into my 16 oz plastic cup … pure golden brown goodness.  I bring it to my lips … and there the vision ceases.  The Coke is FLAT!!!!  Flat, acidic high-fructose corn syrup water.  ARGHH!!!!

And then I think.  Maybe there was a reason for that sale on Coke.  Maybe, there is a shelf-life for Coke (as the CO2 oozes through the pores of plastic).  Maybe, when the Soda is fresh from the factory and cost $2.49 a litre, I get better soda.

Have you ever wondered what the “expiration date” of soda is.  I have been so often disappointed by “discounted soda” even from main brands, that I wonder … when is the optimal time to buy a soda, one that preserves its fizz even in the face of ice.

To my Jewish friends, Happy Passover. And to others Happy Easter or whatever applies.

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