Life is not a struggle. It’s a wiggle

Wisdom can come from anywhere if you are open to it.  For me, wisdom came from a trip to the Waffle House on Airline Drive in New Orleans.  We have just returned from a mini-vacation in New Orleans, with the family.  Yes, we took the “family” to New Orleans … probably should have left them behind (Bourbon Street isn’t exactly kid-friendly).  And so we found ourselves driving to the airport on Easter Sunday … and nothing was open but the Waffle House.  And so, we found ourselves drinking french roast and downing a double hash-browns with cheese and tops, with grits and chocolate pecan waffles.

The wisdom did not come from the carbs in the waffles or the cholesterol in the grits and hash-browns.  It came from the friendly waitress with a large arm tattoo.  Around this woman’s biceps these words appeared:  “Life is not a struggle.  It’s a wiggle.”  And so we thought about this.  In our business, people present us problems; they are often exasperated.  To them, computers are a constant struggle, a battle.  To us they come, for answers.  We listen to their complaints.  We connect and take a look around.  We make a few tweaks here and there; the computer equivalent of a “wiggle”.  And soon the problems go away.  The computer returns to what it was before; a useful tool that does its jobs and allows you to return to do your job.  And so, we continue to wiggle our way through life, happier and more productive.


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