All Thumbs

Last week I stubbed my thumb … And while this may not have seemed like a major injury, I came to realize the cost on my productivity.

The thumb is something that we take for granted.  And we use the phrase:  “we are all thumbs”.  This phrase usually refers to clumsiness.  The reality is that the thumb (in opposition to the other fingers in the hand) is a very precise and versatile instruments.

Last week I stubbed my thumb.  The injury led to an infection.  Over the course of a day a blister appeared and spread.  The green puss grew.  My knuckle started to ache.  And by the end of the day, my whole hand was sore.  I could not enjoy the new Wii Console we had bought for my sons.  I could not even type effectively.  In fact, I tried to relearn the way I used the keyboard to avoid using my thumb.  Try to train yourself not to use your left thumb for the Spacebar, Alt and Control keys.

By the next day, the growth of the infection had stopped, but my thumb was a pretty ugly site … It was covered with a layer of green and red puss under the skin.  My children would not touch me for fear of infection.  I could waive my magic thumb, and they would instantly loose their appetites … great for dieting.  The little infection still has a scar over a week later as the skin underneath is healing.  I am now a little more cautious with my thumb and have gained more respect for the critical role of the lowly thumb.

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