The Return of Bob Butler –

There is not much to write at the present time, but rather, a heads-up of something coming down the pike.  Bob Butler, former CEO of DataTXT (aka Time Matters Software) has gone public with a new venture called  The website has been in development for a while and has just been launched.  It promises a blending of the best social networking in Linked-In and Facebook, along with the social ranking in Diggs, and the collaboratively edited content of Wikipedia.

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Here is what Bob writes in his public email announcement:

Friends and Collegues:

Everyone who knows me knows that along with an amazingly talented team, I have been working for the past 2 years on Well, is now open to the public!

As we all know, it’s not only who you know, but it’s also what you know. While there are many places on the Internet, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc. for showing who you know, BestThinking is the new best place to show what you know.

Since all of you are working to advance careers, find better jobs, or expand your businesses and practices, I thought might be of interest to you beyond just what I have been up to. I’m sending this email to introduce you to a no cost opportunity to establish a new and important web presence.

There are several advantages to getting started early, including improving your visibility to search engines by being the founder of high profile Topics and securing your name and unique URL for your Thinker page.

It has never been so easy to become widely recognized for your passion and expertise. Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues that you are now a Thinker at and ask them to join us.

Bob Butler

At present, BestThinking represents the best thinking of web designers, rather than actual thinkers.  View it as a new home that still needs to be furnished. The structure has been built and the rooms created.  But at present, there is no furniture or decoration.  There are “Latin” placeholders.  It is up to you (the Thinkers) to turn this website into a new home and place to go.

What makes it real exciting is that the website can build a self-policing community.  Each Thinker and each Thought can be rated by users.  Based upon user ratings, articles and thinkers will rise into favor or fall from favor.  That is the genius of the website.  It is now up to you, if you view yourself as a thinker, to hang out your shingle.  Be prepared for the critical review of the masses.  Who knows, you will be able to get some recognition and maybe even some engagements.