The Day Time Matters Died

The old saw goes: “You don’t appreciate me.  All you do is gripe and complain … But you’ll miss me when I am gone.  That will be my revenge.” During a recent server rebuild, combined with fresh rebuilds of several PC’s that saw came true.  You see, once with got Windows Small Business Server and Windows XP Pro up on the machines, the fun began… Nothing would be complete until “Time Matters” or LNFOPBTM was back up.

For you see … without Time Matters, there was no business, no ability to get at my rolodex, my old emails, my client notes and files.  All work came to a crashing halt.  The fact that is was the weekend before Christmas eve helped in that client demands were low.  But it also didn’t help that LN support was on holiday.

We got the server back up … but did not discover, until Ken Kennedy remoted into our server on Christmas Eve (well … really the morning of Christmas Eve).  If you are reading this, Ken Kennedy, thank you.  Ken discovered we had forgotten to open the TCPIP port 1433 on our SQL Server when we reinstalled it, so that the other machine could see the server.  We also needed to run an orphan user script, not one for the faint of heart.  But this blog is not just a thank you to Ken Kennedy … but rather a humorous look at life without Time Matters.

And so… Monday morning rolled around … No Time Matters.  The funny thing, we needed to reload Time Matters on the Server to get at the SQL utilities to do some testing.  However, the Product ID for our Time Matters was stored …. you guessed it, on the