Some CHEAP Gift Ideas

For the past six months, I have been making extensive use of my JAMBOX.  This little “electronic box” connects via Bluetooth to my iPad, iPhone or Android, and even my laptop, and gives room-filling, high fidelity sound.  It does require periodic recharging. And setting it up for Bluetooth connection can be shaky after six months of use.

Further, at over $150 price tag on Amazon for the small version, and $250 for the larger version, it can be a large ticket item.

At a recent tradeshow, someone was “giving away” a low fidelity solution with a big sound. The iPhone Horn Stand is available for $2 and change on Amazon.   The rubber attachment contains no electronics.  It works like the old Victrola turntables taking the audio sound and in the phone and increasing the volume several fold.  If you are looking for “functional gifts” this holiday that don’t break the bank and also don’t dramatically increase your carbon footprint, consider the iPhone Horn Stand.  Happy Holidays, everyone.

This year we have been giving “The Gift of Audio”.  Another popular option is wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets.  The idea is to be able to “cut the cord” to your phone or audio device, while still getting high fidelity sound.