Lost Phone, But Still Under Contract

Ever lost your phone, but neglected to get insurance? If you are like most and have a cell phone contract, you can only upgrade your phone every two years. If you do want a new phone before the expiration of the 2 years, you need to pay “LIST PRICE” which is usually outrageous.

We lost a “cheap” phone 2-months before the discounted upgrade period started on Verizon. We had wanted to get an Android to test out the mobile apps on the Android platform, but certainly did not want to pay list price. The solution we found will make you laugh, http://myphonedied.com/. Yes, that is the name of the site.

And tell me you didn’t look at the girl before you fully read this post. There you can get USED PHONES that are carrier-specific for dirt cheap prices.  The phone should arrive in a few days.  $18 will hold us for 2 months until we can get the discounted “new phone.”