Living with the Dragon; Talking back to your computer Day 3

Honesty by Computer.  There is one aspect of Dragon NaturallySpeaking that might end up being quite beloved by executive management types.  Having to speak out loud into a computer tends to cut down on non-work Internet surfing!  There are few employees who would have the guts to say out loud “Seach web for beach houses available in June 2010”.

This might be just one of the vaunted productivity gains touted by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Non-standard windows, such as Time Matters, seem to work best with a combination of spoken commands and mouse positioning.  I noticed that Dragon NaturallySpeaking tends to favor commands that are actual word commands.  By this, I don’t mean Microsoft word commands per se, but commands such as “File, save and close”.  It does less well with picture icons or long, nonstandard, picklists.  This may be a matter of training-my training Dragon, I mean.  I was quite excited, however, when I successfully created a step-by-step command that allowed me to create a bill slip from an event record in Time Mattters.  Still, it required that I highlight the actual event to to create the bill slip.

I’ve found so far that the Step-by-Step keystroke commands work the best in Time Matters.  I’ve managed to create some useful new record commands and saving commands. The “Give Me Help” command is a G_dsend – the index is very easy to work with.

Note From Seth: Dragon is like the Tour de France.  There are some days where you race ahead of the pack and feel as if you are on top of the world.  There are other days where it is a long slog as you climb mountain after mountain to get to a goal that seems just out of reach. As with the Tour de France, practice makes better so don’t let the minor hills keep you from your course.