Live from my iPad

I finally broke down and got an iPad, a Johnny come lately. I prefer to be just behind the cutting edge, particularly when the item costs over $500. It was CloudForce New York that finally pushed me, or rather my partner, over the edge. For now, I am loading up on apps. My iPhone is filled with games which, for now, are banished from the iPad.

And so, I will add to the plethora of posts. This is not fan-mail, but rather a thoughtful inquiry into the use of this device.


Here at my son’s basketball practice, I am trying to make productive use of my time. Maybe I work too hard. But until one knows what it is to use a device, one can not understand whether it is a time waster or something else.

I can write much faster on the iPad than on my iPhone. The keyboard is spaced almost as well as my full size keyboard, except for the location of the spacebar. The think ahead feature, aka spellcheck and autocorrect takes a little getting used to, but it does enable faster and more accurate typing without requiring too much attention.

Taking photos is pretty easy with WordPress. The question is understanding the syntax for photo alignment. I keep missing the spacebar and having to correct my typing for spaces. But I am sure that by the time of my next post, I will be much better.

I tried to post to Twitter and Facebook but discovered I was missing the necessary apps. My Personal Hotspot is running at low speeds. Which brings me to WiFi vs cellular. With data plans at their current stratospheric prices I have opted for the personal hotspot on my phone. It enables me to support multiple devices on a single plan. Verizon gives 5 gb per month. My iPhone has a separate phone specific data plan which is unlimited. If you go for phone and iPad, get the hotspot. When 4G comes to iPhone it will be worth it.