MetaJure – The Un-DMS

Have you ever spent time hunting for a file to send out via email?  Have you ever opened the wrong file and edited it? Have you ever wondered whether you had received a particular document from your client that you were waiting for?  Is the stress worth it?

There is an answer …. MetaJure, The Smart Document Management System

MetaJure works while you sleep.  Like most indexing system, MetaJure indexes your network drives with a nightly batch run, allowing you to  index all files on your network drives.  What distinguishing MetaJure from these other products is how it handles all the other important information that users store in their “My Documents” folders, on their desktops, or in their personal folders in Outlook, Gmail and a wide range of other sources, including their practice management systems.

MetaJure agents on  your PC are programmed to search out, retrieve and index all those “other files” that are so important to your practice, wherever you may hide them.  MetaJure uses “your organizational system” to provide data for searching.  In addition to the title of the document and contents, MetaJure captures the context in which the document is placed.  It may be a folder tree starting with the Client, the Matter, and a particular project.  It may also be folders in an Outlook inbox, including information about whose Inbox the document was retrieved from.

Wouldn’t it be great if your document management system adapted to the way you worked, and not the other way around? Wouldn’t it be great if your DMS allowed you to find all those documents that your colleague forgot (or passive-aggressively failed) to index.  In this way, MetaJure is the Un-DMS.

Don’t Throw Out Your DMS

This doesn’t prevent you from continuing to use your existing DMS system.  There are substantial benefits from profile-based document management systems.  The discipline is good for many people and allows a common convention for all to use.  However, MetaJure can interact with your existing DMS system.  The MetaJure agent can connect to your DMS and allow you to search both profiled and unprofiled documents with the ease of a simple Google-style search.  Moreover, connectors in MetaJure can capture event and task data, as well as time-slip and billing data to prevent a complete picture of activity for a given client.

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