Still Using GhostFill

Are you still using GhostFill?  Have you invested a lot of time in building templates?  Are you using Amicus Assembly?  It has been over two years since GhostFill officially stopped supporting the product in the retail software market.  There are still published systems using GhostFill (one of which we support).  So if you wanted to know, what is NEXT after GhostFill …give our office a call at (914) 827-9173 and ask for Rose. We know GhostFill inside and out.  We also know all of the leading document assembly systems, both client-server and web-server based systems.  We are also soon to add Amicus Attorney to our list of practice management software certfications.

We can give you your options and present you the alternative for conversion. Because we know GhostFill so well, we can recycle the code and logic, building equivalents in the alternative document assembly markup languages.

Give us a ring.  Don’t wait for your computers to die of old age before you make the switch.  OR, if you just need a refresher, we can help you extend the life of your existing system.