HotDocs-Amicus Master Component Eases Integration

At the last Amicus Consultant’s Conference I demonstrated some innovative ways of improving the way HotDocs and Amicus interact.  A recent post on the LinkedIn user’s group, Amicus Wizards, has prompted me to post some pictures from that demo.  The question was asked why is the HotDocs interview generated automatically by Amicus so long with so many dialogs.  The answer is that the automatically generated interview DOES NOT HAVE any dialogs, it is merely a list of variables that are used in the template in the order that they appear in the document.

My solution, demonstrated at the conference is to create a MASTER HotDocs component file that groups all the relevant variables pushed out by Amicus into HotDocs into a series of easy to view and read dialogs.  This component file can be INSERTED into any HotDocs template created through Amicus.  If the INSERT command for a “blank master that contains a single computation script” is placed at the top of the document, then the associated interview will appear automatically.

Below are thumbnails of what that series of dialogs could look like.  If you click any one of them, a lightbox opens and you can navigate the whole series just by clicking on the picture.

Alternatively, you can use SQL Queries with HotDocs database object to connect by ID or any other criteria to the database.