Ghostfill Create a progress bar

There are times where you wish to give the users information that progress is being made during an assembly, or some indication of where they are.  GhostFill has a progress bar utility. It can be invoked and then controlled by a script. That script is up to you.

%[x = dialogs.Utils.CreateProgressBar]
%[x.title = “This is my Title”]

%[x.progress =0.1]
%[x.progress =0.2]
%[x.progress =0.3]
%[x.progress =0.4]
%[x.progress =0.5]
%[x.progress =0.6]
%[x.progress =0.7]
%[x.progress =0.8]
%[x.progress =0.9]
%[x.progress =1]

This code illustrates how to create and control the progress bar. It is up to you to create the rules for each of the progress codes. It could be a clock timer, or it could be just some condition.