Client Facing Data Entry

Have you ever wished that your CLIENTS could enter their own data.  Sure, you wouldn’t want them to “do their own documents”.  But isn’t it a pain taking hand-written questionnaires filled out by clients, and then having to re-enter that data into your HotDocs template system.  There has to be an easier way.  Why not have a secure “data entry form” on your own website where you can direct your clients to answer the questions.  Such system would notify you when a questionnaire was completed.  You could then “download” their information as a HotDocs answer file and use it for your templates. Such a system is in the “Skunk works” phase at Basha Systems.  If you are interested, please give Rose a call at (914) 827-9173.

The world of web forms has advanced dramatically in the past few years.  Basha Systems will be creating for its clients private portals which can either be part of a custom website or a subdomain. These portals will include, in addition to the client intake forms, custom built to feed your own HotDocs system, areas for firm articles and announcements in a stylish website.  We are looking for early volunteers who understand the value of productivity and want to take their workflow to the next level.

Please give us a call.