Website Relaunch Party – Click your Refresh

If you have visited in the past, you might come back and take a look.  Be sure to click the REFRESH button (Control-F5) to clear your browser cache.  Today we are launching a totally rebuilt website.  Bear with us as we iron out the kinks.  Over the past month, we have ported several hundred pages of contact from coded-HTML pages into Joomla Content Management System.  With Joomla, there is improved navigation, system-wide search, and the ability to print any article you see to PDF.  More important for us, with its ease of editing, you will find the site more regularly updated with new and revised content to keep pace with the ever changing technology market.

To begin with, we have dividing the site into several product-specific subdomains.  There is still  But now, visit for our offering in Time Matters.  Take a look at to see what we built for the Nebraska Bar Association.  If you are into estate planning, you might look into  And there is a brand-new store where you can easily make your purchases.

Keep posted for more specific announcements.