Guest Feature: The Ultimate Paralegal

As we all know, paralegals are an essential component of the legal profession today.  But, there is a drawback – aren’t they just a little bit too “human”.

Still in R&D but very exciting – The Paralegal of the 21st Century from Japan Industries.  21Para, as the prototype is called is more than a robot – it is a completely actualized and optimized Paralegal.  Using a simple in-office procedure, a computer chip is inserted into your Paralegal’s brain.  The chip will allow your Paralegals to bypass the necessity for physical computer and keyboard by becoming computers themselves.

Simply by speaking, your Paralegal will be able to control any software from HotDocs to TimeMatters to RocketMatter to ActionStep to Quicken.  Updates are quickl and easy – in a few minutes, your 21Para’s internal chip can be updated wireless with any software you wish.  We at Basha Systems are terribly excited by this new technology and plan to be the first in line to act as resellers and installers for the new computer chips as soon as they come on the market.

What A Paralegal Actually Does

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