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Power of HotDocs – Creating a Loan Amortization Table

Financial Calculations Made Easy

HotDocs Loan Amortization TableYesterday, I took on a  new “challenge” in one of the many commercial lending systems we have been building.  Typically, we attach a Loan Amortization Table supplied by the “bank client” to the loan documentation.

These tables project payments of principal and interest during the term of the loan.  After some research on formulas, review of VBA model code and Excel spreadsheets, I took the challenge. On the right, you can see the result.

Once you realize that a REPEAT DIALOG is just an Array, and that a Computation (in HotDocs 11) can serve as a recursive function, then it is just a matter of patience before you can get such results.

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Role of Keyboard Accelerators

AutoHotKeyFor years I have dug into the potential of VBA (Visual Basic).  While I am a firm believer in choosing the appropriate technology solution, and encouraging developers to add features, there comes a time when the you need to “enhance” the program by using automation tools outside the program.  Many IT support people use “stored procedures” or schedule scripts.  These make sense for predictable and regular activities.  But there is a whole other area of “repetitive activities” that take time, but don’t fall into the class of regular procedures.  Moreover, some of these activities require the operation of multiple programs to be run.

Recent Projects

We recently completed a project where we used VBA as the GLUE between Microsoft Word, HotDocs, and Adobe Acrobat.  We wrote a script that (a) launched a HotDocs interview which allowed the user to programatically select from among 300 templates, a mixture of .DOCX files and .PDF files for mass assembly, (b) to assemble the selected templates without further interview using HotDocs, (c) to convert the output into individual PDFs, and (d) to then merge the PDFs into a single master PDF for presentation to the user.  Getting VBA to consistently time the multiple assemblies and conversions required careful programming and “event management”.

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Basha Systems is now a member affilliate of 3545 Consulting Group

It has been QUITE a while since I last wrote in this blog. It is not for lack of topics to write about that I have been silent. We have been quite busy, and marketing has taken a back seat to other endeavors. One very important change is that Basha Systems LLC is now an affiliate of the 3545 Consulting Group.


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HotDocs-Amicus Master Component Eases Integration

At the last Amicus Consultant’s Conference I demonstrated some innovative ways of improving the way HotDocs and Amicus interact.  A recent post on the LinkedIn user’s group, Amicus Wizards, has prompted me to post some pictures from that demo.  The question was asked why is the HotDocs interview generated automatically by Amicus so long with so many dialogs.  The answer is that the automatically generated interview DOES NOT HAVE any dialogs, it is merely a list of variables that are used in the template in the order that they appear in the document.

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SQL Adventures – Navigating PCLaw Billing Preferences From HotDocs

The answer to the question is “MatterInfoSpareLong2″.  After several hours of searching, calls to former PCLaw product managers and tech support directors, I got the answer I was searching for.  My odyssey had started with a simple request: “Produce a report that combines File details in Amicus Attorney with billing and receivables details in PCLaw.  Having presented a seminar on integrating Amicus Attorney and HotDocs, I thought it a simple matter to integrate HotDocs and PCLaw.

On the surface, it was easy.  In PCLaw there is a MattInf table that stores the Matter information.  You can use the MatterID from within HotDocs to query the SQL database and get file information.  On the MattInf table there is a ClientID that links to information on the primary client, allowing you to pull in client data. For current statistics, there is a MattBal that contains data on each file regarding account balance, receivables, billings etc.

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